Monday, July 16, 2012

MPL AntiSpy

For the sake of facility, Android offers a rich set of features. This is undoubtedly a double-edged sword. An app can easily steal your private information on the phone, including GPS location, contacts, SMS messages, call histories, instant messages, emails, browser histories, photos, videos, appointments in calendar. Moreover, an app can record your phone call, record sound around your phone and open camera recording video in real-time. We call such kind of app as spyware app.
Traditional Anti-Virus vendors have realized the threat of spyware app. They take it as serious as malware and trojan. However, by looking into the real cases, Mobile Privacy Lab has found traditional Anti-Virus vendors missed two key points:
1. In most cases, spy app is installed out of your sight. Someone will take away your phone and install the spy app. Anti-Virus will detect and alarm the virus at once. However, people are holding the phone will immediately discover the alarm and turn off the alarm, making Anti-Virus alarm fail. 
  MPL AntiSpy can prevent such a threat. Once it found a spy app is installed, it can send you an alert email immediately in backgroud. 
2. Anti-Virus is "all or nothing" mode. It won't alarm when a parent control app is used to spying on your phone by your spouse. Because parent control app is supposed to be used to monitor children rightful.
  MPL AntiSpy detects and alerts the spyware app according to its behavior. As long as the app spys on your sensitive private data, MPL AntiSpy will alert it.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

SIM cloning prevention

    BSNL has issued a fresh warning to users to not respond to calls from numbers starting with +92; #90 or #09, saying if they do they may fall prey to a bout of SIM card cloning.

SIM cloning is very dangerous for victims. Because the cloned SIM card can be used in a different phone while having all calls, SMS messages and associated charges attributed to the original SIM card. For privacy information sensitive people, such as lawyer and politician, calls and SMS messages are critical.

Usually SIM cloning requires physical access to SIM card. Only two information needed for cloning a SIM card: IMSI and authentication key (Ki). A SIM duplicator which is relatively inexpensive and can be bought everywhere will clone a SIM card within 10 minutes.

Mobile Privacy Lab is the world's first who offers Anti SIM Cloning products.

Anti SIM Cloning Free
can prevent dangerous SIM cloning missed call for free. 

Download here

Anti SIM Cloning Pro can protect both physical accessing SIM cloning and dangerous missed call SIM cloning. 

Download here:

More about BSNL warning

BSNL has issued a fresh warning to users to not respond to calls from numbers starting with +92; #90 or #09, saying if they do they may fall prey to a bout of SIM card cloning. According to a report in TOI, BSNL has issued alerts to subscribers — particularly about the series mentioned above — saying that calling the number back after a missed call may make a user susceptible to SIM card cloning. There is, however, confusion over this claim made by some BSNL and intelligence officials. Cloning a SIM card requires physical access to it or the interception of the communication between the caller and his or her cellphone operator’s network.

It is said that one lakh subscribers have fallen prey to this scam. Intelligence agencies too are said to have confirmed to the service providers particularly in the UP West telecom division that such a racket is going on and the menace is growing fast.

If a subscriber attends the mobile phone before it starts ringing, the person on the other end pretends to be a call centre staff whose job is to watch whether the connectivity and call flow is seamless. The subscriber is requested to dial #09 or #90 to contact the caller in this regard.

When the subscriber does so, it leads to cloning of SIM. This enables the culprits to then utilise the information stored in the phone as also the SIM, memory and data cards.

There have been instances of subscribers receiving missed calls from numbers starting from +375 and this been on a rise in the recent past. These instances are alarming because if one tries to call back, then they’re charged a whopping $15 – $30 for that call. +375 is an international code, more specifically belonging to Belarus.

More about how to clone a SIM card

First you'll need the IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identifier) number. This string of numbers is usually imprinted on the SIM card itself. An IMSI is usually 15 digits long, but can be one or two digits shorter.

Now you have your IMSI number you'll need the authentication key (Ki), which is unique to your SIM. This number can only be discovered electronically using a SIM duplicator, which is an external device that you will slot the SIM card into.A SIM duplicator is relatively inexpensive - they can be found at around the $10 mark - and can be purchased at multiple locations. A Google search for 'Super SIM' will turn up at least several online outlets. 

When the SIM duplicator is connected to your PC and your SIM card, it will attempt to acquire the Ki number and copy the entire contents. When a new SIM card is placed into the duplicator after this process is complete, that data will be copied and, for all intents and purposes, the new SIM will be identical to the old.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

MPL Privacy Policy

Mobile Privacy Lab (MPL) is committed to building products and services that can protect your precious privacy on the mobile.
Mobile Privacy Lab’s privacy policy is quite simple and clear: 
We don’t collect your personal information.

We employ technology that can protect your mobile privacy without collecting your privacy. In the contrary, traditional security vendors may collect your personal information freely and “promise” keep it secret. 

That's it.